NJ Identity Theft Victims Offered Help With Credit Repair Process

Identity Theft topped the Federal Trade Commission’s list of consumer complaints in 2010, accounting for 19% of the 6.1 million complaints received, and 2011’s totals are expected to be even higher.

ID theft is now an estimated 37 billion dollar crime. Victims of identity theft can face out-of-pocket costs of $3,000 or more plus be left with hundreds of hours fighting creditors.

Most cases of credit card fraud involved misuse of existing credit card or other accounts, while 1.8 million found that new accounts were opened, or other frauds were committed, using their personal identifying information.

How does ID theft affect the average victim?

  • 47% have trouble getting credit or a loan as a result of identity theft
  • 19% have higher credit rates
  • 16% have higher insurance rates because of identity theft
  • 11% have had a negative impact on their ability to get a job
  • 70% have trouble getting rid of (or may even never get rid of) negative information on their credit records
  • 40% have experienced stress in their family lives as a result of displaced anger and frustration over the identity theft

The odds of becoming an identity theft victim increase considerably if you are a young adult or a small business owner. The reason people in these demographics tend to be more exposed to identity thieves based on the normal behavior they need to engage in to survive in today’s world.

Young NJ adults, especially those away at college, are likely to use shared library or dorm room computers. New Jersey small business owners tend to complete financial transactions by mail or over the Internet, often using their personal accounts and home addresses to aid in processing them. More than 1 out of 3 businesses have been hacked by thieves putting your personal information at risk.

  • 29.1% are Medical/Healthcare,
  • 16.2% are Government/Military,
  • 10.5% are Banking/Credit/Financial,
  • 9.2% are Educational institutes.

These are types of companies we all use every day.

It makes sense to trust an experienced firm like Better Qualified, LLC to follow up so you know you are covered.  Even if you are a victim who has been offered help by a company that has had its accounts hacked by thieves, you should consider hiring someone to represent YOU.

If all this concerns you, contact us today to learn more about BQ IDShield, identity fraud services.