How can a cosigner be removed from a student loan?

Getting a cosigner on your student loans can make it possible for you to qualify for a lower interest rate than you would on your own. But for your cosigner, the loan shows up on their credit report as if it’s their own, increasing their debt-to-income ratio and potentially making it difficult for them to get credit for […]

Consolidating bills? Here are 3 moves to make before doing a balance transfer

If you owe money on a few different credit cards, you may be considering a balance transfer. A balance transfer lets you move your existing balances onto a new card with a lower interest rate – ideally, an initial 0% introductory rate. Not only can it make your debt more affordable, but it can also […]

Don’t fall for these 3 debt consolidation myths

If your personal finance goals include paying off outstanding debt, consolidation is one solution to consider. A debt consolidation loan allows you to combine credit card debt and other types of debt into a single personal loan. While you could open a 0% APR balance transfer credit card to manage debt, consolidating with personal loans can yield […]

This map shows the average credit score in every U.S. state

  Your credit score is one of the most important numbers in your financial life: A higher score makes it easier to qualify for better rates on loans and more rewarding credit cards and adds extra sparkle to your apartment application. Conversely, a lower score can make your financial life more difficult: The loans and credit cards you will qualify for will […]

Jump-Start Your Credit: Get Your Credit Reports

  Credit scores are designed to help lenders understand how likely they are to repay borrowed money. Credit-scoring companies apply a mathematical formula to data about how you’ve handled credit in the past — and that data comes from your credit reports. You have a right to see your credit reports, and taking a look […]

Does your credit score affect your insurance rates?

  Credit scores impact the interest rates that consumers receive for various types of loans, including credit cards, mortgages, student loans, and even auto insurance rates. A higher credit score means an individual will receive a lower interest rate, saving them thousands of dollars over several years. If you’re looking to save some extra money on […]

7 things that don’t affect your credit score but seem like they would

Your credit score is a significant number that essentially rates how likely you are to repay the money you borrow. It’s also the subject of quite a few myths and rumors. Even though anyone can learn how a credit score is calculated, there’s still all sorts of inaccurate information about what goes into a credit […]

5 benefits of having a good credit score

What can I do with a good credit score? 5 benefits Here are five reasons why it’s worth getting your score as high as possible. Secure a loan with a low-interest rate Qualify for a refinance Lower insurance premiums Easier time renting a home Credit card rewards 1. Secure a loan with a low-interest rate […]

The Importance of Credit Scores

New Years Resolution: Get of Credit Card Debt