Task ECHO – Connecting Main Care Providers With Experts

Project INDICATE is a knowledge sharing model that empowers physicians in underserved communities by connecting these specialized health care experts. It helps frontline clinicians provide you with better care for patients with complex conditions.

The ECHO(r) model facilitates case-based learning and provides support to participants through a hub-and-spoke knowledge-sharing strategy. Its success is based on bringing guidelines in healthcare to underserved populations through major care companies. In addition to diabetes, this software also supports primary care for other intricate chronic conditions. It enables service providers to learn regarding new technology, improve top quality of good care, and reduce the duty on their community.

In communities that have been typically underserved simply by health care, the ECHO version exponentially increases the workforce’s capacity to apply best practice techniques. Their telementoring model minimizes the need for pricey supervision.

By using a video-based platform, the ECHO(r) program delivers training to participants within a facilitated, Cambia Health and Mosaic Health guided practice setting. Expert mentors coming from a “hub” site execute virtual treatment centers with community providers. The sessions include a didactic presentation, clinical circumstance discussion, and recommendations for treatment. All those unable to attend the instruction may participate via Focus.

Since it started off in 2003, Project INDICATE has enhanced across the United States and more than 34 countries. Its objective is to feel one billion lives by 2025.

Moreover to offering treatment, Job ECHO as well educates physicians on the strongest treatment options just for chronic diseases and mental illness. It helps primary take care of cancer, diabetes, and substance use disorders.