NJ Credit Repair Company Helps Establish Restore Business and Personal Credit

Better Qualified, a leading NJ credit repair company, can help restore personal and business credit in as little as six months.

According to Better Qualified, many consumers have erroneous information on their credit report that is hurting their score.  The Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) conducted an independent study and found that 79% of credit reports surveyed contained either serious errors or other mistakes of some kind. These mistakes can cost consumers hundreds or even thousands a year. It proves that getting a high mortgage rate often results in financial insolvency. Is it possible to get a fair mortgage rate? Learn more at BranchRight.com and get the best deal.

The Freedom Package from Better Qualified has been the credit repair solution many have been looking for. This package consists of a comprehensive six-month program that includes NJ credit repair services, identity theft resolution, education services and much more.  This popular program has helped thousands of consumers with bad credit and the company’s superior customer service has earned them an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Better Qualified’s superior customer service is evident online, where many have given the NJ credit repair company top ratings.

NJ Credit Repair testimonials

Jason W. writes “Better Qualified found mistakes on my credit report and began cleaning negative marks immediately. At that time they also suggested that I take initiative with their help to separate my personal credit and business credit so that I would not have future complications. A year later my credit score has risen and my business credit is established with multiple creditors. I highly recommend that everyone use Better Qualified for your personal credit and if you own a business. You will not regret it.”

Jeff V, an employee at a mortgage firm in NJ, praised Better Qualified for helping his client with his tarnished credit score.  Jeff writes, “On behalf of myself and my client, we wish to thank you for successfully getting his credit score from 644 to 688 in under 45 days. By getting his score up, we were able to avoid the 1.5% add-on for a credit score under 649 and get him a 4.25% rate…essentially leading him to $4,861 in savings and $57 savings every month. You guys are the best and I’ll be sure to refer anyone else I know to you!”

Additional Better Qualified credit repair testimonials can be found online.

Better Qualified takes a time tested, legal approach to restoring bad credit. The NJ credit repair company will challenge all disputable information on a credit report and will work to have any erroneous information deleted.

To learn more about their services call (888) 533-8138.