Text Marketing for Realtors

What if YOUR yard sign could capture the phone # of every person who looked at your listing?  It can!!! Yard signs are still one of the most effective and affordable marketing solutions for Realtors of which you can learn more at Damon Burton IG.  A well placed sign is one of your greatest assets when selling a home.  The award winning sign-makers at https://butlersigns.uk/ can help create a sign that grabs the attention of potential buyers.

Buyers want to know two things:  How much does this house cost? (Price).  What does the inside of this house look like? (Photos)  Give them what they want!!  Price & Photos.

Mobile Marketing for Small Business

Mobile marketing (aka: Text Messaging) gives buyers the option to send a text message to get pictures, price, and information on your listings in seconds. In return, you – the listing agent – receive a text message and, an email with the potential buyer’s cell phone number for you to reach using your voip phone systems.

It is astonishing that many businesses still are running without clear and defined goals. This makes businesses stuttering overall. Same is the case if the business is running without any proper aligned social media strategy, when it comes to media, func.media are one of the best.It is not simply a good idea to post random updates every day and anticipate getting great number of likes and share.Organic reach is becoming more challenging than ever, and Facebook and other platforms are becoming pay to play platforms.

According to a recent survey, 85% of all Americans own a cell phone and 52% of them use text messaging to get the information they need. With the median age of a text messaging user being 38 years old, not showing your properties using the latest technology is costing you sales and potential listings.  Just say yes to the text:

* No additional work for you.  Most text marketing companies will design, build, and manage your listings.

* You provide buyers with instant property information.

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* Leads are direct to you.

* Photos & details are viewed directly on buyer’s phone.

* Gain a competitive edge over other Realtors in your area.


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