Consumers With Bad Credit Get Help Obtaining Mortgage Loans from Better Qualified

Better Qualified, a leader in credit restoration services, helps consumers with bad credit obtain mortgage loans. The comprehensive credit repair program helps consumers gradually improve their score so that they can be qualified for a regular mortgage loan instead of a bad credit mortgage loan. But first, most customers go onto websites like to acquire their credit report to know their credit score.

The rules of lending are much more stringent today then they were a few years ago.  Many consumers with low credit scores are now unable to qualify for a mortgage loan.  Individuals who want to avoid the high interest rates of a bad credit mortgage loan can improve their credit score with the help of companies like Better Qualified, after they get their credit in order, they can seek the best loan programs.

Their most popular credit repair program is the Freedom Package, a comprehensive six-month program that includes their credit repair services, identity theft protection, education services and much more.  This popular program has helped thousands of consumers with bad credit and the company’s superior customer service has earned them an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Credit Repair Program Teaches Consumers How Credit Reporting Works

During the credit repair program, consumers learn how credit reporting works and how to make better credit decisions in the future.

According to Better Qualified, many consumers have erroneous information on their credit report that is hurting their score.  The Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) conducted an independent study and found that 79% of credit reports surveyed contained either serious errors or other mistakes of some kind. These mistakes can cost consumers hundreds or even thousands a year.

Better Qualified takes a time tested, legal approach to restoring bad credit. The company will challenge all disputable information on a credit report and will work to have any erroneous information deleted.

To see some of the incredible results achieved through the Freedom Package from Better Qualified, visit their credit repair testimonials page.