• How can a cosigner be removed from a student loan?
    Getting a cosigner on your student loans can make it possible for you to qualify for a lower interest rate than you would on your own. But for your cosigner, the loan shows up on their credit report as if it’s their own, […]
  • Consolidating bills? Here are 3 moves to make before doing a balance transfer
    If you owe money on a few different credit cards, you may be considering a balance transfer. A balance transfer lets you move your existing balances onto a new card with a lower interest rate – ideally, an initial 0% […]
  • Don’t fall for these 3 debt consolidation myths
    If your personal wealth management goals include paying off outstanding debt, consolidation is one solution to consider. A debt consolidation loan allows you to combine credit card debt and other types of debt into a single personal loan. While you […]
  • This map shows the average credit score in every U.S. state
      Your credit score is one of the most important numbers in your financial life: A higher score makes it easier to qualify for better rates on loans and more rewarding credit cards and adds extra sparkle to your apartment application. Conversely, a lower score […]
  • Jump-Start Your Credit: Get Your Credit Reports
      Credit scores are designed to help lenders understand how likely they are to repay borrowed money. Credit-scoring companies apply a mathematical formula to data about how you’ve handled credit in the past — and that data comes from your […]
  • Does your credit score affect your insurance rates?
      Credit scores impact the interest rates that consumers receive for various types of loans, including credit cards, mortgages, student loans, and even auto insurance rates. A higher credit score means an individual will receive a lower interest rate, saving them […]
  • 7 things that don’t affect your credit score but seem like they would
    Your credit score is a significant number that essentially rates how likely you are to repay the money you borrow. It’s also the subject of quite a few myths and rumors. Even though anyone can learn how a credit score […]
  • 5 benefits of having a good credit score
    What can I do with a good credit score? 5 benefits Here are five reasons why it’s worth getting your score as high as possible. Secure a loan with a low-interest rate Qualify for a refinance Lower insurance premiums Easier […]
  • Credit Repair
    What is Credit Repair? In the last 10 years, credit repair has become a necessary process for keeping your financial life healthy, just like out-patient surgery, or drive-up oil changes. The complex network of information exchange necessary to maintain the […]
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    According to Inc., people over age 50 are starting businesses at a higher rate than younger entrepreneurs. If you’re retired or close to retirement and wondering how to start your own business — without sacrificing your future financial health — […]
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    Running a business is a lot like running a marathon. It’s easy to start out with tons of steam and wear out halfway through, leaving you to watch as the competition passes you by. However, it doesn’t have to be […]
  • Smart Money: Financial Advice for New Business Owners
    Developing a new business can be overwhelming, and you want to make the best choices with every dollar. With the right Financial Model Portfolio Building strategies in place you can manage your finances wisely and stretch your pennies. Here is […]
  • U.S. Consumers Rack Up $11.9 Billion in Overdue Credit Card Debt
    According to LendEDU, The improving economy hasn’t seemed to help U.S. consumers from posting the highest amount of overdue credit card debt in seven years. The level of debt for people who are behind on credit cards or who are […]
  • Paying off holiday shopping debts
    With the holiday season over, many New Jersey residents are starting 2018 with more debt than they bargained for. A survey finds that shoppers charged about 5 percent more this holiday season than previous years. More than half of those […]
  • How to avoid falling into debt
    Doug Constable is one of the best pre-insolvency advisors specializing in helping business with cash flow difficulties. He is a professional bankruptcy and insolvency expert and the author of “What to do When You Can’t Pay Your Debts”. 4 Steps […]
  • 5 Tips for preventing a bad credit score
    5 Tips for preventing a bad credit score No one plans a bad credit score, it’s just that life sometimes throws a curveball to you where  your credit history ends up badly damaged. Usually, it’s repeated mistakes that lead to […]
  • Credit Restoration 101
    1. Make A Plan And Stick To It. You must be serious and committed to making changes in your lifestyle – changes that will bring financial peace of mind. Above all, restrict yourself to absolutely necessary purchases. Borrow wisely. The […]
  • 3 Simple Steps for Creating a Budget
      What’s your favorite day of the month? Most people will agree, it’s payday. For some consumers though, paycheck to paycheck is a way of life (albeit not a very financially smart way of life.) “Where did all my money […]
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    Summer is coming to a close and for college students, that means it’s time to head back to school (or start school for you freshmen out there.) Everyone knows college is expensive, and the price only seems to be increasing […]
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    With Summer coming to a close, many consumers take this time to relocate. The kids move away to college, thousands of families are leaving their summer getaways and people are ready to settle into their new spot before the winter […]