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Better Qualified Client’s
credit improved and he was able to buy his dream house.

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Better Qualified Client


Swagger and Blade
October 2016


Dear Sean,
I am so thankful for your quick response and for the Better Qualified staff putting me at ease with the whole credit restoration process. I have already seen improvement with my credit score and I could not appreciate help more! I know I’ll be ready to buy a house when I need to ! Thanks so much.

Heather O.
Valued Customer
January 2016


Dear Paul,
I am extremely happy with how Mark handled my debt crisis. I was certainly over my head and honestly didn’t know where to turn. Luckily I was referred to Sean Watkins from Better Qualified. Sean explained how he worked with the law office of Frederic Goetz. I have never met anyone so diligent and “On top of Every Detail” as Mr. Hodges has been with my case. He has made himself available anytime when I had concerns. This situation was nerve racking and very intimidating. Mark had explained every scenario and situation that would occur. I am so pleased with his professionalism and honesty. I would, without hesitation refer Better Qualified and law offices of Frederick Goetz to anyone.

Racquel N.
Valued Customer
September 2015


Better Qualified has kept their promise. I joined them in late 2014 and they promised to increase my score and remove multiple negative items on my report. Based on your credit they will recommend how long your initial duration should be with them. When they reviewed my credit they recommended 8-10 months that I stay on the program. At first I was thinking why so long but the it was well worth it because as of today I have A+ credit will all I repeat all my negative items have been removed aside from 1 stubborn one which they are working on removing now. Credit repair companies are all over the place promoting what they can do and but never deliver but Better Qualified stands alone in the perfect category and always delivers 100% of that they say.

Gardi A.
Valued Customer
August 2015


Our clients new score is improved to 727 vs 694. I am having the lock audited now and will let you know the results and what your options are. Should be able to squeeze the rate down or give you a lender credit.

Nice job Eric and Mary, you probably just saved them 50 grand over the life of their loan!

Marc B.
Prospect Mortgage
August 2015


I found myself in over my head with credit card debt.I was only able to make minimum payments which only covered the interest. I thought I would be paying the debt forever. After talking with my tax professional he referred me to Eric at Better Qualified for a way to find relief. I signed a contract with Better Qualified and wasn’t sure what to expect. I sent them all the information I had and it was then that I realized I had accumulated over $125,000.00 in debt. Soon after that I got a call from Mark Hodges from the Law Firm of Frederic C. Goetz he informed me that he was now going to handle my case on behalf of Better Qualified. I didn’t know it then, but I now know this was the lucky break that would change everything. Mark is a person who doesn’t judge. He is a professional. He is also a great negotiator and did an excellent job for me. Mark negotiated with the credit card companies to settle the accounts for much less than originally owed and I am now debt free.

Thanks too all at Better Qualified

Harold S.
Valued Customer
July 2015


Better Qualified Assisted us in establishing tradelines with a number of vendors. Most recently we’ve established a tradeline that gives us a few thousand dollars of credit. All of this without a personal guarantee, which was very important to us to make sure our business was able to stand alone going forward.

Corwyn J Melette and Associates
March 2015


Our Mortgage broker suggested we use better qualified. After 5 months of the 6 month program their work appears to be working amazingly! We are so excited to purchase our first home this summer thanks to better qualified!

Jacob O.
Valued Customer
Jun 2015


Had numerous credit issues from ages ago and Better Qualified had them removed. Great experience working with them.

Frank M.
Valued Customer
March 2015



Dear Mary Ferraro,

You and the team at Better Qualified helped me immensely. Thanks to them, I have nearly perfect credit, and my family will have the best opportunity to pursue the home of our dreams.

Lazar T.
Valued Customers
Dec 2014

Better Qualified helped both of us have the better life. Our stress, aggravation and exhaustion in dealing with credit report errors, resulting in poor credit scores was eliminated when Better Qualified handled everything. The hardest part for me was faxing over the reports as they arrived in the mailbox. My fiance and I both having gone through nasty divorces suffered the financial hardship and were unable to start a life together. Within 6 months we were signing the mortgage papers on our new waterfront home. Then within the first year I purchased my new car and just last month Joe signed for his new truck. Thank you Better Qualified without you we would not be smiling today.

Shannon & Joe
Valued Customers
May 2014

Dear Better Qualified,

Thank you so much! My husband and I couldn’t get qualified for a mortgage because of his bad credit. We needed help fixing his credit and fast. We signed up with Better Qualified and within 4 months my husbands credit went from a 580 to a 720! It was absolutely amazing and now we are able to qualify for a great mortgage and find our dream home! We couldn’t be more grateful for all their hard work, help, and advice. We especially want to thank Mary and Steven.

Brandon & Rebecca
Valued Customers
April 2014

Dear David,

Thank you so much David for everything. I will keep your email in the event something changes. I started with a 510 credit score and now I’m at a 638. Being young and not understanding the importance if credit had me in a bind. But I plan on keeping up the good work and keeping my credit score up. Once again thank you very much. I will tell more people about you all.

Crystal R.
Valued Customer
February 2014

Dear Joe,

Thanks for fixing my cliebts credit, they have just went into contract! Better Qualified is a godsend! No wonder why you guys are the broncos of your industry!!

Skip G.
Residential Home Funding
January 2014

Dear Jamie,

Working with Better Qualified is seriously I think the best thing I have ever spent my money on! Wish I would have done it sooner.

Thank you so much Jamie for all you and your team does!

Sadae W.
Valued Customer
January 2014

Dear Eric,

I started using Better Qualified credit restoration about 5 months ago. I had unfortunately filed a bankruptcy and had to loan modify my mortgage. My credit score was in the mid 500’s with no hope in sight. In the past five months, I have had multiple deletions from my report and a score of over 700. All I have to do on my end is send over the results that gets mailed to me and they handle the rest. I will be referring my friends and family over to Better Qualified. Thank you so much. I now have 3 new credit cards and an aggressive car loan in 5 months!!!

Sean G.
Valued Customer
January 2014

Dear Mary,

I cannot put into words what it has meant having Better Qualified in my life at this time. I was married, divorced, and have a huge medical history behind me. Bills that were stacking, to where I almost lost my mind. I am 36 years old and for the first time in my life, am taking control over my finances and credit. Working with Adrienne has been amazing. We email everyday as I have so many questions about reports, scores, credit cards, and the lingo in the credit world. She gets back to me each and every time, every time I hear the ding on my phone go off I feel as if I can take a breathe knowing its her and it almost always is. She is positive and is my support along with you Mary! I love you guys and trust you guys so much that my husband Jimmy now wants to have help with his credit, as he was married, divorced and our stories are almost identical! Continue to do the work you do! I liked you guys on Facebook and I cannot wait to be able to say you guys were my therapy to my score being the best it was and can be!

Cory F.
Valued Customer
November 2013

Dear Mary,

Thank you for a great job, You made it possible for me to buy a 300,000 dollar house an a new car in less than ayear. Thanks again.

Roger B.
Valued Customer
September 2013

Dear Paul,

I saw you viewed my LinkedIn account and I remembered the help you and your staff provided me in cleaning up my credit and helping me buy my home. Thank you again for that.

Ron D
Valued Customer
August 2013

Dear T,

I do want to let you know the company that you referred me to Better Qualified were wonderful and very helpful. They were the easiest company I have ever worked with. They were very patient with all my needs and answered all my questions and kept contact with me on a day to day basis. Thank you very much for referring me to them!!!

Becky W
Valued Customer
July 2013

Dear Better Qualified,

I am writing this email to thank you and your team for making my clients dreams come true with their new home. About 7 months ago they came to me to get pre- qualified for a home purchase and they had a very low credit score. I though it may take years to get their credit score to a point where they may qualify for a mortgage. I referred them to your company and your staff did a great job with their credit. They got their scores up and was able to finally qualify for a mortgage to buy their 1st home.

I thank you again for making this possible and will continue to recommend your company to anyone that has a situation with their credit.

Mark C.
Absolute Home Mortgage Corp.
July 2013

Dear Eric,

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you so much to you and your staff. I am still in shock that in less than 60 days you were able to raise my credit score by 98 points! Thanks to you my family was able to buy the house that we wanted with the best possible mortgage terms saving us tens of thousands of dollars. You guys are lifesavers.

Michael C.
Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services
Jan. 2013

Dear Mary,

I wanted to Write you to say thank you for your great service to us and our clients. In the 10 years of being in the mortgage business, I’ve been reluctant to refer a “Credit Repair Company”. The few times I referred people they were charged exorbitant fees with little results from other companies.

We have had great success with all of the people We sent to you. The most recent client required that I write you. A buyer applied with us having a 668 middle score, they were diligent in getting you the information and the credit score shot up to a 737 in less than 40 days. This Was a 10% purchase which would have not worked well due to needing mortgage insurance.

Thank you very much for everything, you and your company deliver great results.

Michael B.
Pinnacle Mortgage, Inc.
Feb. 2012

I just wanted to take this time out to thank Better Qualified  for helping my “not so ready” borrowers go in the right direction and I also love there new products they offer through ViewByText. I feel like as a loan officer I’m a few steps ahead of the rest, my account rep Joseph Taglia helped me start a mobile campaign that has brought me a good amount of solid leads. I love working with Better Qualified and the front office as well  as the back office is hands down on point . What a great bunch of people to work with. Thanks Joe and the rest of the family at BQ.

Jason B. –  Unity Mortgage

Better Qualified found mistakes on my credit report and began cleaning negative marks immediately. At that time they also suggested that I take initiative with their help to separate my personal credit and business credit so that I would not have future complications. A year later my credit score has risen and my business credit is established with multiple creditors. I highly recommend that everyone use Better Qualified for your personal credit and if you own a business. You will not regret it.

Jason W. – Client

On behalf of myself and my client, we wish to thank you for successfully getting his credit score from 644 to 688 in under 45 days. By getting his score up, we were able to avoid the 1.5% add-on for a credit score under 649 and get him a 4.25% rate…essentially leading him to $4,861 in savings and $57 savings every month. You guys are the best and I’ll be sure to refer anyone else I know to you!

Jeff V. – Jersey Mortgage Co.

I just got the final approval on my clients  a $530K loan that made me a $16K commission! They all now have a 719 credit score or better. I was able to lower their monthly expenses by $100, and give them $85K in cash at a rate of 4.375%. I could not have made this happen without your help.

Thomas D. – Pan Am Mortgage

I want to thank you and your company in resolving my buyers credit issues. Due to the fabulous results that have occured in my buyers credit score I am able to move forward in issuing a preapproval.

Maria G. – Intercounty Mortgage Network Corp.

It was brought to my attention through our mortgage broker that Better Qualified Credit Experts could help my wife and I clean up our credit in order to move forward with the purchase of a home.  I was a little skeptical at first, but we were desperate for some help.  We started the program on February 11th and the results that we have seen since then have been incredible.  My personal credit score has jumped over 40 points in two short months and it looks like it will be climbing again.

I have had 13 items permanently deleted from my credit report that had been dragging me down for a number of years.  My wife saw a drastic spike in her credit score and has had over six items deleted from her credit report.

Better qualified has walked us through this process step by step and the customer service has been exceptional.  If there was ever a time I needed something explained or a response back, Better Qualified has been there.  I am sincerely grateful to your company in helping my wife and I purchase our dream home. I would recommend anybody who has had any credit issues to call Better Qualified so they can get started.  My wife and I make a very good combined income and we have both made mistakes in the past, as mine were very damaging to the report. I am finally back on track and getting ready to close on a beautiful new home.

Thanks so much to Better Qualified.

Warm Regards,
James & Danielle B.
April 12, 2011

My credit was in a lot of trouble, but after using the Better Qualified program I was able to refinance my house and finally get things in order. I had been struggling with this  for a long time. Thanks!


Everything I needed accomplished has been done so quickly and I am so grateful! Thank you and have a blessed weekend! I will definitely forward friends, family, and clients that may need your services to you directly so remember my name!

S.B., NJ
July 27, 2011

Hi Mary, Just an email to let you know I did have my lender pull credit for FHA financing and I just passed! Thank you for all your hard work its very encouraging and hopefully if I continue along this path I may have even more opportunities available for financing when I make an offer and at the end of my 6 month program.

Warm Regards,
Leigh M.

Paul and Mary, Thank you for your recent help with fico improvement for my client. She was short of the minimum fico requirement and is now buying a home. I am truly hesitant to refer anyone as I lose control. My client needed a quick result and this is exactly what we got. Less than 30 day to be exact. She wanted this home really bad and gave notice to her landlord prematurely. (scary) In a few short weeks the program was in place and getting instant results. Her score improved and her mortgage rate was locked in today as result.

Thank you ,
Robert S.
Mortgage Consultant
Metlife Home Loans

I went to Better Qualified for help on fixing my credit after using a debt consolidation company that caused my credit to drop to 550 from bills my divorce left me with. I met Eric at a networking function and explained my situation because I was having trouble obtaining a mortgage from having a debt consolidation on my record which I was told would improve my credit. He was very compassionate and not judging of my situation and promised he could help me. With their help at Better Qualified my credit score has gone up to 815 in just over a year. I could not be any happier and highly recommend them to all of my friends, family and customers who have found themselves in need of help with their credit.

Desiree B.