Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America, affecting nearly 11.1 million people in 2009. Protect yourself and your family with the BQ IDShield, a comprehensive monitoring and support network which helps you reduce the risk of Identity fraud. More importantly, the BQ IDShield covers your family at no additional cost. Keep your peace of mind knowing that the ones you love are given complimentary ID Theft resolution as long as you remain protected.

Practical and Emotional Costs of Identity Theft

  • 47% of victims have trouble getting credit or a loan as a result of identity theft
  • 19% of victims have higher credit rates and 16% have higher insurance rates because of identity theft
  • 11% of victims say identity theft has a negative impact on their abilities to get jobs
  • 70% of victims have trouble getting rid of (or never get rid of) negative information in their records
  • 40% of victims experience stress in their family lives as a result of displaced anger and frustration over the identity theft

Whether you’ve lost a wallet or suffered a full blown identity theft, you’ll get piece of mind with BQ IDShield identity fraud services. You get full access to an Identity Theft 911 fraud specialist who will resolve the problem and guide you step-by-step in cleaning up the mess.

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