About us

For more than two decades, BetterQualified has helped thousands of clients better their credit scores and thereafter unlocked a wealth of financial opportunities. We have been successful because from our founders to our staff, everyone is focused on simple core values and delivering excellent, quality service, one customer at a time.

Paul Oster
Co-Founder, CEO, FICO Pro

Most people don’t realize that when it comes to your finance, often your credit score matters more than your money. Your credit score can either unlock or block your financial opportunities and aspirations. That’s why everyday, we know that if we’re able to help someone better their credit score, we have bettered their lives. And we are driven by a simple goal that by focusing on helping one person at a time, we’ll be able to see our community grows and prospers.

Our values and what we do everyday

✓ Customer Experience

Delivering excellence and service with honesty, integrity, transparency. If you are not satisfied with your results, we’ll gladly refund your money or work harder to help you with no additional charge

✓ Dependability, convenience, reliability

Helping our clients save time, hassle and money to better their credit situation or resolve complex credit or debt issues swiftly at no additional or hidden costs

✓ Teamwork and effort

Staying passionate and connected as a company and as individual team members helps us connect with our customers and deliver the best experience and results

✓ Our community

Having an opportunity to better people’s lives everyday means we can better our community. We thrive and are obsessed with the idea that anyone, regardless of their circumstance, has an opportunity to live life unlimited