About Better Qualified

At Better Qualified, we have real people handling your credit to ensure you get the best possible results. You’ll always be able to contact our team to see your progress without having to deal with automated systems or annoying operators.

We understand well and very empathetic that at some point, we all face adversity. During life’s difficult times,
priorities shift, and many things happen beyond your control, including your finances and credit.
We want to help and empower all people, no matter what the circumstances achieved greater financial well-being
and we start with helping repair, fix, and build their credit.

Better Qualified is an industry-leading credit restoration and identity theft protection company based in Eatontown, NJ. Our philosophy is to help our customers gain financial freedom through our various credit products, including:


  • Manage your credit with our 100% legal, practical and time-tested methodsĀ 
  • Building new credit with secured credit cards
  • Monitoring your credit to protect against identity theft

If you’re one of 77 million Americans with debt in collections, chances are you may need help with your credit. Lousy credit can destroy your life. Your credit score can hold you back from getting the home, car, or even job you desire. Just one late payment can remain on your credit for seven years! Lucky for you, Better Qualified is here to help!