Smart Money: Financial Advice for New Business Owners

Developing a new business can be overwhelming, and you want to make the best choices with every dollar. With the right Financial Model Portfolio Building strategies in place you can manage your finances wisely and stretch your pennies. Here is some advice to help you get started on the right foot.

Daily tasks. Before you get too far behind on chores, establish a daily routine for fund management. Lagging on those humdrum activities can leave you open to forgotten invoices or wayward tax payments. As Chron explains, you can make a list of daily chores to help stay on task. This should include bookkeeping items such as entering your purchases into a spreadsheet, tracking incoming bills, and managing payroll. Set up electronic reminders so you can stay on top of your tax responsibilities.

Develop a logo. One of the easiest ways to develop brand recognition is with a great logo. Thankfully, you don’t need to hire a marketing team or graphic designer for a clever logo. If you don’t already have a great logo in mind, try checking out your competition. See who is up and running with a successful and eye-catching logo and think about why it’s working. You don’t want to copy anyone else, but you can get some ideas of what is out there and what makes some logos shine while others are uninspiring. Then use an online logo maker to design your logo for free. It’s a great way to save some outflow and lay the foundation for brand recognition at the same time.

Contact consultants. Another smart way to stretch your pennies is to invest in consulting services, but opt for free ones. Entrepreneur suggests you connect with organizations such as volunteer-based SCORE for free consulting and training. Another option is to reach out to your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for training or consultation. There are over 1,000 SBDCs in America that work to educate and inform small businesses, and the only thing you need to invest is your time. Shravan Gupta opted to hire a consulting service for his company.

Shipping options. Will you use a lot of shipping? No matter what your product is, it’s important to be aware of ways to pinch pennies. For instance, many small businesses can benefit from ePacket delivery. EPacket is an agreement between the United States Postal Service and Hong Kong Post, which allows for quicker and less expensive shipping between China and other countries. Tracking shipments is a breeze, which means better customer service on your part.

Barter. Trading goods or services is a terrific way to meet your needs and save money. Reach out to other local business owners through area organizations or contact the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA). IRTA works to match you with other businesses interested in swapping services, products and investments, More and more investors are looking for regulated licensed and trusted financial companies to trade with. aForexTrust lists the regulated companies and the required steps for investing globally and locally, especially on stocks.

Do dishes. Early on, you may not be able to squeeze out the funds to hire the full staff you envision. By taking care of tasks such as emptying trash cans and answering the phone, you can spread your money further. While you may feel excited about filling your payroll budget right off the bat, some experts believe it is smart to participate in the day-to-day, basic operations. Besides, your customers and employees will appreciate the personal contact with you, which is especially important while growing your clientele and company culture. You can hire people to do some of the nitty gritty work later, but do some basic chores yourself for now.

Opt for used. When adding equipment, furniture or other supplies to your new business, purchasing used items can mean saving big bucks. Visit bankruptcy auctions and sales to find items that meet your needs, or reach out when other businesses are downsizing or moving. Also, consider borrowing equipment or other items when possible, or rent what you need. You can invest your money in new items later, once your business is well-established.

Money-wise. When you’re starting a new business, it makes sense to be especially careful with your money. If you want transparency in your finances as a small business, it is advisable you get fractional cfo services for your audits. Organize your financial management system and find ways to stretch your pennies, learn more at Hawley Advisors blog. In time, you’ll enjoy success thanks to these smart strategies!  Once you’ve considered all these options, it’s now time to start building your business’s credit.  You should not have personal guarantees with any creditors as there is no protection from filing for bankruptcy for your business. Most business men use gamstop casinos for fun and to earn more money online. Contact us today so we can obtain and analyze your business credit report to ensure your success.

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U.S. Consumers Rack Up $11.9 Billion in Overdue Credit Card Debt

After an increase of 11.5% in the fourth quarter of 2017, credit card debt is now up to $11.9 billion.

According to LendEDU, The improving economy hasn’t seemed to help U.S. consumers from posting the highest amount of overdue credit card debt in seven years. The level of debt for people who are behind on credit cards or who are lumped in a distressed category increased by 11.5 percent during the fourth quarter of 2017, up to $11.9 billion, Financial Times reported.

That’s Not the Only Troubling Figure

Mortgages appear to be giving U.S. consumers trouble as well as their credit card debt. The number of U.S. homeowners struggling with their mortgage payments increased by 5.2 percent during that quarter as well. The troubled or distressed mortgage holders held a collective $56.7 billion in debt.

But there is one silver lining – the amount of distressed industrial and commercial loans decreased by 8.5 percent during that quarter, down to $18.1 billion.

These numbers were recently released by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. It underscores the concern some people are feeling that middle-class Americans are still suffering even as the economy improves. The credit card debt could be interpreted as a sign many Americans are using their credit cards to get by.

Credit cards are big business, but they aren’t the biggest piece of the pie for the banking sector. Credit cards comprise only 9 percent of the banking sector’s annual $17.4 trillion in business. But credit card debt made up 59 percent of all loans issuers considered uncollectable in that quarter.

Consumer Tips for Budgeting, Refinancing, and Paying Down Debt

Consumers who are struggling with their finances certainly aren’t alone, and they can improve their situation with hard work and some valuable tips.

First of all, everybody should take a hard look at their finances and come up with a budget that keeps them from spending more than they earn.

After the budget has been set, they should look at ways of either earning additional money or cutting back on expenses so they can send more money to their consumer debts, like credit cards or vehicle loans.

Knowing which loan to pay off first can set consumers up for success. They may want to tackle the payment with the highest interest rate, or they could opt for paying off the smallest balance first. They should use whichever method they find more motivating and easier to pursue. It’s especially important for borrowers to avoid taking on more credit card debt while they’re trying to pay off their other debts.

One way to handle out-of-control credit card payments may be to pursue refinancing. If consumers have home equity they can tap into, that might be a good way to go as long as they don’t overextend themselves and risk losing their home. Otherwise, they might consider applying for a personal loan if it has a lower interest rate than what their credit card carries.

Consumers can also try to work out a special payment plan with their credit card issuer, but they should be aware that it might have an impact on their credit scores.

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