Huge Credit Report Overhaul: Medical Debt to Weigh Less

Medical Debt

It will be announced today that the 3 credit reporting agencies (CRAs) will be making some serious changes to the way they report your credit. After long meetings between the New York Attorney General’s office and the CRAs, decisions have been made to change the reporting of medical collections and the process of consumer disputing. […]

6 Steps to Handle Identity Theft


You’ve seen numerous web pages and blogs about what you can do to prevent your Identity from being stolen, but what are the steps you can take if you are already a victim of identity theft? Approximately 15 million US residents have their identities stolen each year. Stats like this make identity theft the fastest […]

How to Stop Collection Harassment


Stop those pesky collections from interrupting your life! There’s nothing more annoying than coming home after a long day of work only to be bothered by pesky collection companies. They call your home, your relatives, and workplace. They flood your mailbox with their notices. This kind of treatment can leave you drained and stressed. Often […]

New Years Resolution: Get Out of Credit Card Debt


It’s a new year and that means everyone is off to an inspiring start on their new years resolutions. You may already have your plan in effect to lose weight, get fit, and aim for that new promotion, but what are you doing about the pile of debt you racked up over the holidays? It’s […]

What Black Friday Means for your Credit


Just  a few short days and Black Friday will kick off the 2014 holiday shopping season with a bang! I’m sure you’ve already been bombarded with pre-Black Friday ads and promotions as you flip through the channels or tune into your favorite radio station. But before you put together your list and get ready to […]

5 Ways to Build Your Credit Score


When it comes to improving your credit score, consumers are left in the dust. Most individuals have basic knowledge of what can destroy their credit. Few know the steps to increase their credit score. Here’s 5 tips that will help build your credit score to where you would like it to be. 1. Positive Trade Lines […]

Trick or Treat: Free Credit Scores


Reasons Your Free Credit Scores and FICO Scores Are Different One of the main concerns that come with websites like Credit Karma or, is that the free credit scores being provided are not your actual FICO (Fair Isaac Credit Organization) scores. This may lead you to seek for the new car you wanted or […]

7 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Credit

cutting Card

Building your credit score takes time, patience, and loads of hard work. Wrecking it, on the other hand, is a cakewalk. With just a couple errors you can see your credit score plummet into the danger zone, where it can remain for YEARS if not taken care of. Once your score drops, you can be […]

Data Breaches: Why You Should Worry

Computer Password Security

It’s your day off, and you’re out picking up some groceries at WalMart. After the cashier is finished ringing you up,  you pull out your AMEX and swipe to pay without thinking twice.  On the way home you stop by Target to pick up that rug that you’ve been eyeing up for the past few […]

Student Loans and your Credit Score

student loans 266

With the exit of Labor Day, summer has officially come to a close. For hordes of young Americans, this means one thing: back to school. Back to late night cramming, ramen dinners, and hopelessly worrying about how student loan debt will annihilate your credit score come post-graduation. But before you start to panic, let’s take […]