Target Breach: How to Lose Friends and Alienate Customers


Target’s response to its recent breach is a good lesson in what not to do after a company experiences a security incident. Other corporations facing the growing risk of data breaches can learn from the many missteps, if not foolish errors, taken by one of the nation’s largest retailers. The company’s first mistake was bad […]

ObamaCare Website Creating Credit Concerns

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By Nadiah Sarsour/Published November 14, 2013/FOXBusiness While a battle rages over technical issues on the ObamaCare online marketplace, questions are emerging about the safety of data on the website. Better Qualified CEO Paul Oster said the website is rife with security problems that can lead to identity theft and potentially wreck one’s credit if exploited. […]

Kansas case puts face on ‘total identity theft’

Roxana Hegeman October 23, 20 WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — When Candida L. Gutierrez’s identity was stolen, the thief didn’t limit herself to opening fraudulent credit and bank accounts. She assumed Gutierrez’s persona completely, using it to get a job, a driver’s license, a mortgage and even medical care for the birth of two children. All […]

Identity Theft Tops List of Tax Scams

Published: Tuesday, 17 Apr 2012 | 4:51 PM ET By: Scott Cohn CNBC Senior Correspondent     For Angela Beasley of Miami, tax time seemed especially promising this year. After doing her taxes with Intuit’s popular TurboTax software, she found she was due a refund of nearly $5,000. Anxious to get the money as quickly […]

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Better Qualified Teams Up With Identity Theft 911

Better Qualified has partnered with Identity Theft 911 to provide identity theft protection, management and resolution services as coverage enhancements to customers. This new program provides Identity Theft 911’s LifeStages™ Identity Management services to customers and their families at no charge, including 24/7 dedicated access to a fraud specialist for personalized support with proactive assistance […]

Identity Theft Just Keeps Getting Worse

  Approximately 15 million United States residents have their identities used fraudulently each year with financial losses totalling upwards of $50 billion. That means approximately 7% of all adults have their identities misused with each instance resulting in approximately $3,500 in losses. Close to 100 million additional Americans have their personal identifying information placed at […]

ID Theft On Vacation

On vacation? Beware of ID theft Don’t let your dream trip turn into a nightmare. Follow these 10 steps to protect your personal information when you’re away from home. It’s easy to become a victim of identity theft while traveling, whether for work or pleasure. Follow these tips to protect yourself: 1. Let your credit-card […]

Some Tips That Can Help


1. Be careful at ATMs and stores where you use your card. It isn’t difficult for someone to see the pin number your punch in. 2. Make sure you put your credit card receipts in a safe place. Very few credit card receipts  list your  full account numbers and expiration dates, but you may run […]